Appendix F. ASCII Table

Gone are the days when ASCII meant just US-ASCII characters 0-127. For over a decade now, Latin-1 support (US-ASCII plus characters 160-255) has been the bare minimum for any Internet application, and support for Unicode (Latin-1 plus characters 256 and up) is becoming the rule more than the exception. Although a full Unicode character chart is a book on its own, this appendix lists all US-ASCII characters, plus all the Unicode characters that are common enough that the current HTML specification (4.01) defines a named entity for them.

Note that at time of this writing, not all browsers support all these characters, and not all users have installed the fonts needed to display some characters.

Also note that in HTML, XHTML, and XML, you can refer to any Unicode character regardless of whether it has a named entity (such as €) by using a decimal character reference such as € or a hexadecimal character reference such as € (note the leading x). See for a complete reference for Unicode characters; or for something more interactive, mosey on over to The Unicode Sliderule.

Note: Just in case some characters (like ℜ) are missing from your current OS and browser's fonts (which you should really do something about), there are images (like ℜ) provided. My apologies for the somewhat inconsistent sizing of those images.
Dec Hex Char Octal Raw
00000 0000x000x00NUL
10001 0010x010x01SOH
20002 0020x020x02STX
30003 0030x030x03ETX
40004 0040x040x04EOT
50005 0050x050x05ENQ
60006 0060x060x06ACK
70007 0070x070x07BEL, bell, alarm, \a
80008 0100x080x08BS, backspace, \b
90009 0110x090x09HT, tab, \t
10000a 0120x0A0x0ALF, line feed, \cj
11000b 0130x0B0x0BVT
12000c 0140x0C0x0CFF, NP, form feed, \f
13000d 0150x0D0x0DCR, carriage return, \cm
14000e 0160x0E0x0ESO
15000f 0170x0F0x0FSI
160010 0200x100x10DLE
170011 0210x110x11DC1
180012 0220x120x12DC2
190013 0230x130x13DC3
200014 0240x140x14DC4
210015 0250x150x15NAK
220016 0260x160x16SYN
230017 0270x170x17ETB
240018 0300x180x18CAN
250019 0310x190x19EM
26001a 0320x1A0x1ASUB
27001b 0330x1B0x1BESC, escape, \e
28001c 0340x1C0x1CFS
29001d 0350x1D0x1DGS
30001e 0360x1E0x1ERS
31001f 0370x1F0x1FUS
320020 0400x200x20SPC, space
330021 !0410x210x21Exclamation point, bang
340022 "0420x220x22" Quote, double quote
350023 #0430x230x23Number, pound, hash
360024 $0440x240x24Dollar
370025 %0450x250x25Percent
380026 &0460x260x26& Ampersand, and
390027 '0470x270x27' Apostrophe, single quote
400028 (0500x280x28Open parenthesis, open parens
410029 )0510x290x29Close parenthesis, close parens
42002a *0520x2A0x2AAsterisk, star, glob
43002b +0530x2B0x2BPlus
44002c ,0540x2C0x2CComma
45002d -0550x2D0x2DHyphen, dash, minus
46002e .0560x2E0x2EPeriod, dot, decimal, full stop
47002f /0570x2F0x2FSlash, forward slash, stroke, virgule, solidus
480030 00600x300x30
490031 10610x310x31
500032 20620x320x32
510033 30630x330x33
520034 40640x340x34
530035 50650x350x35
540036 60660x360x36
550037 70670x370x37
560038 80700x380x38
570039 90710x390x39
58003a :0720x3A0x3AColon
59003b ;0730x3B0x3BSemicolon
60003c <0740x3C0x3C&lt; Less-than sign
61003d =0750x3D0x3DEquals sign
62003e >0760x3E0x3E&gt; Greater-than sign
63003f ?0770x3F0x3FQuestion mark
640040 @1000x400x40At sign
650041 A1010x410x41
660042 B1020x420x42
670043 C1030x430x43
680044 D1040x440x44
690045 E1050x450x45
700046 F1060x460x46
710047 G1070x470x47
720048 H1100x480x48
730049 I1110x490x49
74004a J1120x4A0x4A
75004b K1130x4B0x4B
76004c L1140x4C0x4C
77004d M1150x4D0x4D
78004e N1160x4E0x4E
79004f O1170x4F0x4F
800050 P1200x500x50
810051 Q1210x510x51
820052 R1220x520x52
830053 S1230x530x53
840054 T1240x540x54
850055 U1250x550x55
860056 V1260x560x56
870057 W1270x570x57
880058 X1300x580x58
890059 Y1310x590x59
90005a Z1320x5A0x5A
91005b [1330x5B0x5BLeft (square) bracket, open (square) bracket
92005c \1340x5C0x5CBackslash
93005d ]1350x5D0x5DRight (square) bracket, close (square) bracket
94005e ^1360x5E0x5ECaret, up-arrow, circumflex
95005f _1370x5F0x5FUnderscore
960060 `1400x600x60Backtick, backquote
970061 a1410x610x61
980062 b1420x620x62
990063 c1430x630x63
1000064 d1440x640x64
1010065 e1450x650x65
1020066 f1460x660x66
1030067 g1470x670x67
1040068 h1500x680x68
1050069 i1510x690x69
106006a j1520x6A0x6A
107006b k1530x6B0x6B
108006c l1540x6C0x6C
109006d m1550x6D0x6D
110006e n1560x6E0x6E
111006f o1570x6F0x6F
1120070 p1600x700x70
1130071 q1610x710x71
1140072 r1620x720x72
1150073 s1630x730x73
1160074 t1640x740x74
1170075 u1650x750x75
1180076 v1660x760x76
1190077 w1670x770x77
1200078 x1700x780x78
1210079 y1710x790x79
122007a z1720x7A0x7A
123007b {1730x7B0x7BOpen brace
124007c |1740x7C0x7CPipe, vertical bar
125007d }1750x7D0x7DClose brace
126007e ~1760x7E0x7ETilde, twiddle, squiggle
127007f 1770x7F0x7FDEL, delete
1280080 2000x800xC2,0x80(Undefined)
1290081 2010x810xC2,0x81(Undefined)
1300082 2020x820xC2,0x82(Undefined)
1310083 2030x830xC2,0x83(Undefined)
1320084 2040x840xC2,0x84(Undefined)
1330085 2050x850xC2,0x85(Undefined)
1340086 2060x860xC2,0x86(Undefined)
1350087 2070x870xC2,0x87(Undefined)
1360088 2100x880xC2,0x88(Undefined)
1370089 2110x890xC2,0x89(Undefined)
138008a 2120x8A0xC2,0x8A(Undefined)
139008b 2130x8B0xC2,0x8B(Undefined)
140008c 2140x8C0xC2,0x8C(Undefined)
141008d 2150x8D0xC2,0x8D(Undefined)
142008e 2160x8E0xC2,0x8E(Undefined)
143008f 2170x8F0xC2,0x8F(Undefined)
1440090 2200x900xC2,0x90(Undefined)
1450091 2210x910xC2,0x91(Undefined)
1460092 2220x920xC2,0x92(Undefined)
1470093 2230x930xC2,0x93(Undefined)
1480094 2240x940xC2,0x94(Undefined)
1490095 2250x950xC2,0x95(Undefined)
1500096 2260x960xC2,0x96(Undefined)
1510097 2270x970xC2,0x97(Undefined)
1520098 2300x980xC2,0x98(Undefined)
1530099 2310x990xC2,0x99(Undefined)
154009a 2320x9A0xC2,0x9A(Undefined)
155009b 2330x9B0xC2,0x9B(Undefined)
156009c 2340x9C0xC2,0x9C(Undefined)
157009d 2350x9D0xC2,0x9D(Undefined)
158009e 2360x9E0xC2,0x9E(Undefined)
159009f 2370x9F0xC2,0x9F(Undefined)
16000a0 2400xA00xC2,0xA0&nbsp; No-break space, nonbreaking space
16100a1 ¡2410xA10xC2,0xA1&iexcl; Inverted exclamation mark
16200a2 ¢2420xA20xC2,0xA2&cent; Cent sign
16300a3 £2430xA30xC2,0xA3&pound; Pound sign
16400a4 ¤2440xA40xC2,0xA4&curren; Currency sign
16500a5 ¥2450xA50xC2,0xA5&yen; Yen sign, yuan sign
16600a6 ¦2460xA60xC2,0xA6&brvbar; Broken bar, broken vertical bar
16700a7 §2470xA70xC2,0xA7&sect; Section sign
16800a8 ¨2500xA80xC2,0xA8&uml; Diaeresis, spacing diaeresis
16900a9 ©2510xA90xC2,0xA9&copy; Copyright sign
17000aa ª2520xAA0xC2,0xAA&ordf; Feminine ordinal indicator
17100ab «2530xAB0xC2,0xAB&laquo; Left-pointing double angle quotation mark, left pointing guillemet
17200ac ¬2540xAC0xC2,0xAC&not; Not sign, angled dash
17300ad (-)2550xAD0xC2,0xAD&shy; Soft hyphen, discretionary hyphen
17400ae ®2560xAE0xC2,0xAE&reg; Registered sign, registered trademark sign
17500af ¯2570xAF0xC2,0xAF&macr; Macron, spacing macron, overline, APL overbar
17600b0 °2600xB00xC2,0xB0&deg; Degree sign
17700b1 ±2610xB10xC2,0xB1&plusmn; Plus-minus sign, plus-or-minus sign
17800b2 ²2620xB20xC2,0xB2&sup2; Superscript two, superscript digit two, squared
17900b3 ³2630xB30xC2,0xB3&sup3; Superscript three, superscript digit three, cubed
18000b4 ´2640xB40xC2,0xB4&acute; Acute accent, spacing acute
18100b5 μ2650xB50xC2,0xB5&micro; Micro sign
18200b6 2660xB60xC2,0xB6&para; Pilcrow sign, paragraph sign
18300b7 ·2670xB70xC2,0xB7&middot; Middle dot, Georgian comma, Greek middle dot
18400b8 ¸2700xB80xC2,0xB8&cedil; Cedilla, spacing cedilla
18500b9 ¹2710xB90xC2,0xB9&sup1; Superscript one, superscript digit one
18600ba º2720xBA0xC2,0xBA&ordm; Masculine ordinal indicator
18700bb »2730xBB0xC2,0xBB&raquo; Right-pointing double angle quotation mark, right pointing guillemet
18800bc ¼ 2740xBC0xC2,0xBC&frac14; Vulgar fraction one quarter, fraction one quarter
18900bd ½ 2750xBD0xC2,0xBD&frac12; Vulgar fraction one half, fraction one half
19000be ¾ 2760xBE0xC2,0xBE&frac34; Vulgar fraction three quarters, fraction three quarters
19100bf ¿2770xBF0xC2,0xBF&iquest; Inverted question mark, turned question mark
19200c0 À3000xC00xC3,0x80&Agrave; Capital A grave, capital A grave
19300c1 Á3010xC10xC3,0x81&Aacute; Capital A acute
19400c2 Â3020xC20xC3,0x82&Acirc; Capital A circumflex
19500c3 Ã3030xC30xC3,0x83&Atilde; Capital A tilde
19600c4 Ä3040xC40xC3,0x84&Auml; Capital A diaeresis
19700c5 Å3050xC50xC3,0x85&Aring; Capital A ring above, capital A ring
19800c6 Æ3060xC60xC3,0x86&AElig; Capital AE, capital ligature AE
19900c7 Ç3070xC70xC3,0x87&Ccedil; Capital C cedilla
20000c8 È3100xC80xC3,0x88&Egrave; Capital E grave
20100c9 É3110xC90xC3,0x89&Eacute; Capital E acute
20200ca Ê3120xCA0xC3,0x8A&Ecirc; Capital E circumflex
20300cb Ë3130xCB0xC3,0x8B&Euml; Capital E diaeresis
20400cc Ì3140xCC0xC3,0x8C&Igrave; Capital I grave
20500cd Í3150xCD0xC3,0x8D&Iacute; Capital I acute
20600ce Î3160xCE0xC3,0x8E&Icirc; Capital I circumflex
20700cf Ï3170xCF0xC3,0x8F&Iuml; Capital I diaeresis
20800d0 РР3200xD00xC3,0x90&ETH; Capital Eth, Edh, crossed D
20900d1 Ñ3210xD10xC3,0x91&Ntilde; Capital N tilde
21000d2 Ò3220xD20xC3,0x92&Ograve; Capital O grave
21100d3 Ó3230xD30xC3,0x93&Oacute; Capital O acute
21200d4 Ô3240xD40xC3,0x94&Ocirc; Capital O circumflex
21300d5 Õ3250xD50xC3,0x95&Otilde; Capital O tilde
21400d6 Ö3260xD60xC3,0x96&Ouml; Capital O diaeresis
21500d7 ×3270xD70xC3,0x97&times; Multiplication sign
21600d8 Ø3300xD80xC3,0x98&Oslash; Capital O stroke, capital O slash
21700d9 Ù3310xD90xC3,0x99&Ugrave; Capital U grave
21800da Ú3320xDA0xC3,0x9A&Uacute; Capital U acute
21900db û3330xDB0xC3,0x9B&Ucirc; Capital U circumflex
22000dc Ü3340xDC0xC3,0x9C&Uuml; Capital U diaeresis
22100dd Ý3350xDD0xC3,0x9D&Yacute; Capital Y acute
22200de Þ Þ 3360xDE0xC3,0x9E&THORN; Capital Thorn
22300df ß3370xDF0xC3,0x9F&szlig; Sharp s, ess-zed, Eszett
22400e0 à3400xE00xC3,0xA0&agrave; a grave
22500e1 á3410xE10xC3,0xA1&aacute; a acute
22600e2 â3420xE20xC3,0xA2&acirc; a circumflex
22700e3 ã3430xE30xC3,0xA3&atilde; a tilde
22800e4 ä3440xE40xC3,0xA4&auml; a diaeresis
22900e5 å3450xE50xC3,0xA5&aring; a ring above, a ring
23000e6 æ3460xE60xC3,0xA6&aelig; ae, ligature ae
23100e7 ç3470xE70xC3,0xA7&ccedil; c cedilla
23200e8 è3500xE80xC3,0xA8&egrave; e grave
23300e9 é3510xE90xC3,0xA9&eacute; e acute
23400ea ê3520xEA0xC3,0xAA&ecirc; e circumflex
23500eb ë3530xEB0xC3,0xAB&euml; e diaeresis
23600ec ì3540xEC0xC3,0xAC&igrave; i grave
23700ed í3550xED0xC3,0xAD&iacute; i acute
23800ee î3560xEE0xC3,0xAE&icirc; i circumflex
23900ef ï3570xEF0xC3,0xAF&iuml; i diaeresis
24000f0 ð ð 3600xF00xC3,0xB0&eth; eth, edh, crossed d
24100f1 ñ3610xF10xC3,0xB1&ntilde; n tilde
24200f2 ò3620xF20xC3,0xB2&ograve; o grave
24300f3 ó3630xF30xC3,0xB3&oacute; o acute
24400f4 ô3640xF40xC3,0xB4&ocirc; o circumflex
24500f5 õ3650xF50xC3,0xB5&otilde; o tilde
24600f6 ö3660xF60xC3,0xB6&ouml; o diaeresis
24700f7 ÷3670xF70xC3,0xB7&divide; Division sign
24800f8 3700xF80xC3,0xB8&oslash; o stroke, o slash
24900f9 ù3710xF90xC3,0xB9&ugrave; u grave
25000fa ú3720xFA0xC3,0xBA&uacute; u acute
25100fb Û3730xFB0xC3,0xBB&ucirc; u circumflex
25200fc ü3740xFC0xC3,0xBC&uuml; u diaeresis
25300fd ý ý 3750xFD0xC3,0xBD&yacute; y acute
25400fe þ þ 3760xFE0xC3,0xBE&thorn; thorn
25500ff ÿ3770xFF0xC3,0xBF&yuml; y diaeresis
3380152 Œ Œ 0xC5,0x92&OElig; Capital ligature OE
3390153 œ œ 0xC5,0x93&oelig; Ligature oe
3520160 Š Š 0xC5,0xA0&Scaron; Capital S caron
3530161 š š 0xC5,0xA1&scaron; s caron
3760178 Ÿ Ÿ 0xC5,0xB8&Yuml; Capital Y diaeresis
4020192 ƒ ƒ 0xC6,0x92&fnof; F hook, function, florin
71002c6 ˆ0xCB,0x86&circ; Modifier letter circumflex accent
73202dc ˜0xCB,0x9C&tilde; Small tilde
9130391 Α Α 0xCE,0x91&Alpha; Capital Alpha
9140392 Β Β 0xCE,0x92&Beta; Capital Beta
9150393 Γ Γ 0xCE,0x93&Gamma; Capital Gamma
9160394 Δ Δ 0xCE,0x94&Delta; Capital Delta
9170395 Ε Ε 0xCE,0x95&Epsilon; Capital Epsilon
9180396 Ζ Ζ 0xCE,0x96&Zeta; Capital Zeta
9190397 Η Η 0xCE,0x97&Eta; Capital Eta
9200398 Θ Θ 0xCE,0x98&Theta; Capital Theta
9210399 Ι Ι 0xCE,0x99&Iota; Capital Iota
922039a Κ0xCE,0x9A&Kappa; Capital Kappa
923039b Λ Λ 0xCE,0x9B&Lambda; Capital Lambda
924039c Μ Μ 0xCE,0x9C&Mu; Capital Mu
925039d Ν Ν 0xCE,0x9D&Nu; Capital Nu
926039e Ξ Ξ 0xCE,0x9E&Xi; Capital Xi
927039f Ο Ο 0xCE,0x9F&Omicron; Capital Omicron
92803a0 Π Π 0xCE,0xA0&Pi; Capital Pi
92903a1 Ρ Ρ 0xCE,0xA1&Rho; Capital Rho
93103a3 Σ Σ 0xCE,0xA3&Sigma; Capital Sigma
93203a4 Τ Τ 0xCE,0xA4&Tau; Capital Tau
93303a5 Υ Υ 0xCE,0xA5&Upsilon; Capital Upsilon
93403a6 Φ Φ 0xCE,0xA6&Phi; Capital Phi
93503a7 Χ Χ 0xCE,0xA7&Chi; Capital Chi
93603a8 Ψ Ψ 0xCE,0xA8&Psi; Capital Psi
93703a9 Ω Ω 0xCE,0xA9&Omega; Capital Omega
94503b1 α α 0xCE,0xB1&alpha; alpha
94603b2 β β 0xCE,0xB2&beta; beta
94703b3 γ γ 0xCE,0xB3&gamma; gamma
94803b4 δ δ 0xCE,0xB4&delta; delta
94903b5 ε ε 0xCE,0xB5&epsilon; epsilon
95003b6 ζ ζ 0xCE,0xB6&zeta; zeta
95103b7 η η 0xCE,0xB7&eta; eta
95203b8 θ θ 0xCE,0xB8&theta; theta
95303b9 ι ι 0xCE,0xB9&iota; iota
95403ba κ κ 0xCE,0xBA&kappa; kappa
95503bb λ λ 0xCE,0xBB&lambda; lambda
95603bc μ0xCE,0xBC&mu; mu
95703bd ν ν 0xCE,0xBD&nu; nu
95803be ξ ξ 0xCE,0xBE&xi; xi
95903bf ο ο 0xCE,0xBF&omicron; omicron
96003c0 π π 0xCF,0x80&pi; pi
96103c1 ρ ρ 0xCF,0x81&rho; rho
96203c2 ς ς 0xCF,0x82&sigmaf; final sigma
96303c3 σ σ 0xCF,0x83&sigma; sigma
96403c4 τ τ 0xCF,0x84&tau; tau
96503c5 υ υ 0xCF,0x85&upsilon; upsilon
96603c6 φ φ 0xCF,0x86&phi; phi
96703c7 χ χ 0xCF,0x87&chi; chi
96803c8 ψ ψ 0xCF,0x88&psi; psi
96903c9 ω ω 0xCF,0x89&omega; omega
97703d1 ϑ ϑ 0xCF,0x91&thetasym; theta symbol
97803d2 ϒ ϒ 0xCF,0x92&upsih; Greek Upsilon with hook symbol
98203d6 ϖ ϖ 0xCF,0x96&piv; Greek pi symbol
81942002 0xE2,0x80,0x82&ensp; En space
81952003 0xE2,0x80,0x83&emsp; Em space
82012009 0xE2,0x80,0x89&thinsp; Thin space
8204200c 0xE2,0x80,0x8C&zwnj; Zero width non-joiner
8205200d 0xE2,0x80,0x8D&zwj; Zero width joiner
8206200e 0xE2,0x80,0x8E&lrm; Left-to-right mark
8207200f 0xE2,0x80,0x8F&rlm; Right-to-left mark
82112013 0xE2,0x80,0x93&ndash; En dash
82122014 0xE2,0x80,0x94&mdash; Em dash
82162018 0xE2,0x80,0x98&lsquo; Left single quotation mark
82172019 0xE2,0x80,0x99&rsquo; Right single quotation mark
8218201a ‚ ‚ 0xE2,0x80,0x9A&sbquo; Single low-9 quotation mark
8220201c 0xE2,0x80,0x9C&ldquo; Left double quotation mark
8221201d 0xE2,0x80,0x9D&rdquo; Right double quotation mark
8222201e „ „ 0xE2,0x80,0x9E&bdquo; Double low-9 quotation mark
82242020 † † 0xE2,0x80,0xA0&dagger; Dagger
82252021 ‡ ‡ 0xE2,0x80,0xA1&Dagger; Double dagger
82262022 ·0xE2,0x80,0xA2&bull; Bullet, black small circle
82302026 0xE2,0x80,0xA6&hellip; Horizontal ellipsis, three dot leader
82402030 ‰ ‰ 0xE2,0x80,0xB0&permil; Per mille sign
82422032 0xE2,0x80,0xB2&prime; Prime, minutes, feet
82432033 ″ ″ 0xE2,0x80,0xB3&Prime; Double prime, seconds, inches
82492039 ‹ ‹ 0xE2,0x80,0xB9&lsaquo; Single left-pointing angle quotation mark
8250203a › › 0xE2,0x80,0xBA&rsaquo; Single right-pointing angle quotation mark
8254203e 0xE2,0x80,0xBE&oline; Overline, spacing overscore
82602044 0xE2,0x81,0x84&frasl; Fraction slash
836420ac € € 0xE2,0x82,0xAC&euro; Euro sign
84652111 ℑ ℑ 0xE2,0x84,0x91&image; Blackletter capital I, imaginary part
84722118 ℘ ℘ 0xE2,0x84,0x98&weierp; Script capital P, power set, Weierstrass p
8476211c ℜ ℜ 0xE2,0x84,0x9C&real; Blackletter capital R, real part symbol
84822122 ™ ™ 0xE2,0x84,0xA2&trade; Trademark sign
85012135 ℵ ℵ 0xE2,0x84,0xB5&alefsym; Alef symbol, first transfinite cardinal
85922190 ← ← 0xE2,0x86,0x90&larr; Leftward arrow
85932191 ↑ ↑ 0xE2,0x86,0x91&uarr; Upward arrow
85942192 → → 0xE2,0x86,0x92&rarr; Rightward arrow
85952193 ↓ ↓ 0xE2,0x86,0x93&darr; Downward arrow
85962194 ↔ ↔ 0xE2,0x86,0x94&harr; Left-right arrow
862921b5 ↵ ↵ 0xE2,0x86,0xB5&crarr; Downward arrow with corner leftward, carriage return
865621d0 ⇐ ⇐ 0xE2,0x87,0x90&lArr; Leftward double arrow
865721d1 ⇑ ⇑ 0xE2,0x87,0x91&uArr; Upward double arrow
865821d2 ⇒ ⇒ 0xE2,0x87,0x92&rArr; Rightward double arrow
865921d3 ⇓ ⇓ 0xE2,0x87,0x93&dArr; Downward double arrow
866021d4 ⇔ ⇔ 0xE2,0x87,0x94&hArr; Left-right double arrow
87042200 ∀ ∀ 0xE2,0x88,0x80&forall; For all
87062202 ∂ ∂ 0xE2,0x88,0x82&part; Partial differential
87072203 ∃ ∃ 0xE2,0x88,0x83&exist; There exists
87092205 0xE2,0x88,0x85&empty; Empty set, null set, diameter
87112207 ∇ ∇ 0xE2,0x88,0x87&nabla; Nabla, backward difference
87122208 ∈ ∈ 0xE2,0x88,0x88&isin; Element of
87132209 ∉ ∉ 0xE2,0x88,0x89&notin; Not an element of
8715220b ∋ ∋ 0xE2,0x88,0x8B&ni; Contains as member
8719220f ∏ ∏ 0xE2,0x88,0x8F&prod; n-ary product, product sign
87212211 ∑ ∑ 0xE2,0x88,0x91&sum; n-ary sumation
87222212 0xE2,0x88,0x92&minus; Minus sign
87272217 0xE2,0x88,0x97&lowast; Asterisk operator
8730221a √ √ 0xE2,0x88,0x9A&radic; Square root, radical sign
8733221d ∝ ∝ 0xE2,0x88,0x9D&prop; Proportional to
8734221e ∞ ∞ 0xE2,0x88,0x9E&infin; Infinity
87362220 ∠ ∠ 0xE2,0x88,0xA0&ang; Angle
87432227 ∧ ∧ 0xE2,0x88,0xA7&and; Logical and, wedge
87442228 ∨ ∨ 0xE2,0x88,0xA8&or; Logical or, vee
87452229 ∩ ∩ 0xE2,0x88,0xA9&cap; Intersection, cap
8746222a ∪ ∪ 0xE2,0x88,0xAA&cup; Union, cup
8747222b ∫ ∫ 0xE2,0x88,0xAB&int; Integral
87562234 ∴ ∴ 0xE2,0x88,0xB4&there4; Therefore
8764223c ∼ ∼ 0xE2,0x88,0xBC&sim; Tilde operator, varies with, similar to
87732245 ≅ ≅ 0xE2,0x89,0x85&cong; Approximately equal to
87762248 ≍ ≍ 0xE2,0x89,0x88&asymp; Almost equal to, asymptotic to
88002260 ≠ ≠ 0xE2,0x89,0xA0&ne; Not equal to
88012261 ≡ ≡ 0xE2,0x89,0xA1&equiv; Identical to
88042264 ≤ ≤ 0xE2,0x89,0xA4&le; Less-than or equal to
88052265 ≥ ≥ 0xE2,0x89,0xA5&ge; Greater-than or equal to
88342282 ⊂ ⊂ 0xE2,0x8A,0x82&sub; Subset of
88352283 ⊃ ⊃ 0xE2,0x8A,0x83&sup; Superset of
88362284 ⊄ ⊄ 0xE2,0x8A,0x84&nsub; Not a subset of
88382286 ⊆ ⊆ 0xE2,0x8A,0x86&sube; Subset of or equal to
88392287 ⊇ ⊇ 0xE2,0x8A,0x87&supe; Superset of or equal to
88532295 ⊕ ⊕ 0xE2,0x8A,0x95&oplus; Circled plus, direct sum
88552297 ⊗ ⊗ 0xE2,0x8A,0x97&otimes; Circled times, vector product
886922a5 ⊥ ⊥ 0xE2,0x8A,0xA5&perp; Up tack, orthogonal to, perpendicular
890122c5 ⋅ ⋅ 0xE2,0x8B,0x85&sdot; Dot operator
89682308 ⌈ ⌈ 0xE2,0x8C,0x88&lceil; Left ceiling, APL upstile
89692309 ⌉ ⌉ 0xE2,0x8C,0x89&rceil; Right ceiling
8970230a ⌊ ⌊ 0xE2,0x8C,0x8A&lfloor; Left floor, APL downstile
8971230b ⌋ ⌋ 0xE2,0x8C,0x8B&rfloor; Right floor
90012329 〈 〈 0xE2,0x8C,0xA9&lang; Left-pointing angle bracket, bra
9002232a 〉 〉 0xE2,0x8C,0xAA&rang; Right-pointing angle bracket, ket
967425ca ◊ ◊ 0xE2,0x97,0x8A&loz; Lozenge
98242660 ♠ ♠ 0xE2,0x99,0xA0&spades; Black spade suit
98272663 ♣ ♣ 0xE2,0x99,0xA3&clubs; Black club suit, shamrock
98292665 ♥ ♥ 0xE2,0x99,0xA5&hearts; Black heart suit, valentine
98302666 ♦ ♦ 0xE2,0x99,0xA6&diams; Black diamond suit